March 31, 2009

DM in the A.M., DM in the P.M.

Oh, DM, how I love to loathe you. You treated me well for so long, but now you've expanded your once lithe headline into a gigantic monstrosity that uses every bullet point in the brief. Could you not leave a little place for subtlety? A little bit of that 1-2 punch I loved so well? Do you not see you're boring consumers to death with your inter-office talk and meaningless blather and drive-by exclamation points?

And to repeat the offer WORD FOR WORD more times than there are panels? Shame, shame, shame. 

March 30, 2009

Pregnancy Week 13, Blog Day 1

Also Day 1 of not feeling like I'm on a rolling ship in a stormy sea. Amen for second trimesters--and McDonald's cheeseburgers. 

Honourable mention: Day I've-Lost-Count of hearing "we know the client and they'll want the logo bigger--and at the top of the page. And, oh, BIGGER!".

Welcome to the blog, my lovelies. I feel a little like I'm talking to a roomful of empty chairs, but we'll see who sneaks in after the bell...