October 31, 2009

Project delivered!

Forgive the long absence--I finally delivered my best project yet. A little late, a little long and a little challenging (why do people not warn you of how hard this really is??), but she's perfect in every way.

I'll be catching up on sleep and this wonderfully topsy-turvy new life for awhile, but I'll be back! In the meantime, here she is.


  1. Cute as a button! That's simply wonderful news, Teenie. Enjoy the grand adventure...and do stockpile sleep whenever you can :)

  2. Glad I checked in. In the words of pro fishing great Roland Martin..Woah son, thats a keeper. Woot woot.

    Very angelic pose she has too.

    Jake I thought you said "and do stockpile sheep". Which would be handy for some tribes I guess.

    Glad your back.

  3. I've been wondering how you're doing...and I can see quite well. Whata gorgeous, innocent bundle! (It IS hard, no matter how much you prepare!) Take care, momma!! One beautiful little girl!

  4. Baby is doing absolutely fine--Mommy and Daddy are a bit frazzled, though. Hardest job in the world indeed! But she's a charmer and she smiled at me for the first time yesterday. As the pediatrician said, "...then she smiles at you and you let her live another day...".

  5. Beautiful! Yes it's me. New job.