July 29, 2009

It's the busy season!

I miss writing all my myriad complaints here and hearing all your feedback--but these last few weeks have been absolute mayhem in every way. Good mayhem, but mayhem nonetheless. So a quick hello and how are you and I promise to get something a little more substantial out in the next few days. All this work has got to be good fodder for a post or two!

So I'll leave you with this bit of insight on communication--and non-verbal communication, at that:

Mommy rolls over onto her side.
Baby isn't happy.
Baby kicks Mommy a good one in the ribs.
Mommy rolls back over the other way.
Baby flutters feet in happiness.

Lasts all of 5 seconds and gets the message across crystal clear. And for free! Maybe we can learn something from the utter simplicity and straightforwardness of a tiny (well, Bump's predicted at 8 pounds, so let's say "smallish") unborn with no vocabulary to form thought, but all the capacity to get their point across.


  1. Is that communication or manipulation? Get used to it. Remember, once "Bump" is born, you will have to deal with him/her PLUS all the other stuff in your life. He/she will have 24/7 to learn how to manipulate you. Through verbal and non-verbal communication, and anything else that comes to mind.

  2. Dang, Rob--I was trying to make a point about communication and you've gone and given me more to worry about! : 0

    Although--manipulation is communication, too!

  3. Sorry, in a little bit of a mood today. Don't get me wrong. It was a beautiful, sweet observation. And don't worry about what I say. it will be a wonderful experience for all. Good luck.

  4. I'm still under the illusion that all will go smoothly for 18 years!


  5. Well, mine is almost 27. It didn't turn out anything like I had hoped. We couldn't be more different. I would say from the start: don't set expectations too high, love him (or her) and yourself very much, and roll with it. They are truly their own people. Hell, maybe I'm in a bit of mood today, too. Congratulations, by the way. :)