July 21, 2009


... just not mine! The writer at our sister agency is off and I've got a bit of a balancing act to do this week. Not that I'm complaining--a lot of the projects coming in are pretty fun and really varied.

It's just, you know... I haven't a minute to blog about anything. Gak!

Although how's this for odd: A client of ours insists on NOT putting a logo on a piece. First time in my career I found myself on the pro-logo side of the fence. Wonders never cease!


  1. Have they no decency. Standing at my neighborhood mailbox sorting all the DM that arrives daily I had an oversize piece with just a teaser on first fold, second, third...

    At this point I have a 2' long brochure for something or other I dont want. You could have saved me the bother with a logo. Most of those are so anti-climatic and frustrating. Please save the heartbreak for both of us Mr.Advertiser and put a logo somewhere on outside fold.

    Do agencies get paid by the square inch?

  2. jeaves: I think you're thinking of the porn industry. ;)

    Sometimes agencies come up with bad ideas. Sometimes they come up with good ideas that clients "tweak" into oblivion. Sometimes the initial request is ridiculous. And sometimes the final product is just blech (like a DM with a lovely reveal I once worked on, which ended up on the cheapest paper imaginable and wouldn't open).

    There's a thousand reasons to account for bad ads. We just try really, really hard to fight for good ones!

  3. Hi, I'm Italo and I'm finding new ideas for my future book. I will follow your blog, it's interesting. :) ciao.

  4. Cheers, Italo! Thanks for reading. :) And good luck with your book. What will it be about?

  5. Well, hard to say :D I would to write another funny book, but I still miss just.... the story, the atmoshpere and in which language, if in italian or in czech :D We'll see.
    PS: SORRY, I NEVER STUDIED ENGLISH and even if I'm blogging in English.... I do a loooooot of grammatical errors!