July 15, 2009

This is why I do what I do

Just came out of a meeting with a newish client. We've presented to one of the clients before, some years ago, and now that the account is back there's someone new on the client team.

After some pleasantries and an intro by our lovely CD, I was all alone to present the creative, since the AD is swamped today. So I present the list of headlines, explain the pros of each, show the mock up, help the CD explain the layout, and sit back to see the clients' reactions.

They were smiling.

And the new client looked up at me, a little incredulous, and said:

"You wrote these?"

"Um, yes."

"These are... wow, these are great."

And for all the bitching I do, all the frustrations we live through, all the last-minute changes and debates and misplaced commas and missing hyphens and glitches and agency angst, this makes it all worthwhile. A happy client with an honest compliment. With a smile and an understanding that I pleasantly surprised them with something they weren't expecting.

"Ah, I love my job," I told her.

And it's true. It's true.


  1. Woot Woot...too bad more clients don't read creative blogs like yours and get what that means. Probably twittering the lunch specials.

  2. That is awesome! Love it.

    Jeaves is right--I don't think many people have any concept for how far a compliment will get them, in Creative World...or anywhere else, for that matter.

  3. A few nice words go such a long way!

    Some of my favourite projects involved non-profits who'd asked the agency for pro bono work. Their absolute excitement and transparence at the creative presentations were so touching--we'd always leave the meeting smiling and proud.

  4. Yes, those are the moments when all this is so worth it. And to be appreciated for the skill set you've worked so long and hard to hone. There's a reason they come to us. They can't do it. Now, let's hope he doesn't go back to the office and triple think it, or show it to his wife who doesn't get it. You're not out of the woods yet...

  5. Oh, I have no illusions that those ads are going out as is. Both clients had to go back and show their boss--which means just about anything under the sun can happen. The frustrations will come, but I'll try to remember the initial reaction (I wish clients would remember their initial reactions sometimes!) and keep calm... ish.

  6. :D it's nice to be nice and say the truth!