August 25, 2009

Dear CS people at our sister agency

I am not a copy vending machine.

When you change my copy before it gets to client, and then client doesn't like it, what is it that you'd like me to do now to fix it?

Bloody creative vampires. You suck the life out of everything.

(Sorry--needed to get that off my chest.)


  1. This morning, I had an account manager say, "Let's have Jake put some clay on the paper and we can work it from there."

    So, as for me, I'm feeling a little like the old Playdoh Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop.

  2. Coraggio, I wish you a nice day.

  3. Jake: Ouch! Hope you're not being toyed with by a child who wants to see what happens when you mix the pink and blue Playdoh and make dreadlocks...

    Italo: Grazie! It got better after that. Part misunderstanding, part me being anal, part them being overbearing, part here we go again.