April 22, 2009


Big meeting. Complete with snacks. In comes lunch. Client hands out brief. Everyone's friendly. Chit-chat exchanged. And then, just as we were rocked happily, full of chicken and hope, the universe stands on its head.

Client: This time round, we want something out of the ordinary. Jazzy. Elegant, something that pops, rich-looking, special, pull out all the stops...

Agency (purring): Mmm....

Client: Just keep in mind we have half the budget this year.


  1. Well I hope they had a reasonable timeline. I think they should have served a big Thanksgiving type turkey dinner. It's better then drugs for keeping you numb through the pain. Of course you would all snap to later wondering what just happened. "Did we say yes?"

  2. Big timeline, big ideas, big ambition--teenie budget.

    Oh, a turkey dinner would have been fabulous. I would have consoled myself mercilessly with stuffing.