April 29, 2009

Some pretty colourful language

I was flipping through a printout of Fashion Trendsetter, swiped off the Art Director's desk. Seems this is THE reference for upcoming fashion trends and colours (and a great way to get the clients onboard when we decide to go all banana yellow with a concept).


I thought I'd get a glimpse into the world of fashionable colour patterns and super-secret trends. Little did I know that I'd encounter one hell of a creative writer. A creative writer on some whopping amount of drugs, no less! Whoo! I read through twice just to get a little trippy myself.

Observe "The Spirit of Autumn":

interpreting to revive a combative confidence and creative boldness
fearlessly experimenting
flaunting fantasy without guilt

Are you high yet?


Hold on:

Volcanic condensations intersect,
in an undulating and explosive harmony, with voluptuous incandescence

I think that one meant "light pink", or something. It gets better:

intersecting references
shuffling aesthetic boundaries
linking technology and an environmental conscience
setting differences ablaze
drawing on fabric and color as generators of energy

Good lord! The mind boggles! Who knew colours could be described so, well... colourfully. If I wasn't preggo, I'd get yarking drunk again on a pitcher of Cosmos and read it all over again just for the effect.

Hats off to you, Mr/Ms colour-trend copywriter! I couldn't use 3/4 of those adjectives in a 500-word DM with 50 lines of 6-point legal even if you paid me in vodka shots.


  1. Hang on a sec Teenie...aren't those lyrics off Pink Floyd The Wall?

    Is there anybody out there?.....
    Yes I believe I am tripping.

  2. Lucky! All I've got is mild nausea.