April 13, 2009


Two steamé all-dress' (no onions) for lunch makes for a rather burpesque afternoon. Two hours on the phone with a freelancer (good LORD can some people talk) and I've managed to transfer my nitrate aroma permanently onto my phone. It's now a scratch-and-sniff burger joint.

Baby 1, Mommy's Diet 0


  1. My wife would crave garlic flavored Instant Mash Potatoes. To this day I keep a few boxes under the cupboard for the remote chance of...well you know. If they go missing, I guess its round 2.

  2. Oh, that would have gone lovely with the hot dogs...

    I always thought the whole craving thing was a myth. Until I woke up one day and went on the hunt for piggies in a blanket.

  3. For me it was (go figure) animal crackers and cottage cheese. This wknd at the grocers, passing a stock promo of animal crackers I began to salivate and thought, instinctively, Oh no!! Then remembered.

    Hey, I know those freelancers. I'm probably one of them :(

  4. Ah, dear Ad Broad, I'm sure this freelancer is pretty unique. Anyone listening to my end of the conversation would hear:


    "So w--"

    "And what abou--"

    "Can yo--"

    and so on and so forth, for hours. ;)