May 4, 2009

Random words that should never be used in advertising - Part 1



  1. I hate the word "metrics" used in management etc.

    "We focus on team metrics to raise efficiencies" blah blah blah

    I want to replace that word with Matrix. That would be cool now.

    "We use the Matrix to raise efficiencies"

    Don't know why they won't return my calls from Head Office.

  2. Now there's a fabulous idea. Wonder if it would work for "solutions," too?

    "Introducing Miracle Grow--your gardening Matrix!"

    I like it!

  3. I actually work for Miracle Gro. I can't believe you just said that. You used the Matrix to know that. Wowsers...

  4. Then you're DEFINITELY on to something...

  5. Category Manager here today, didn't have the chance to suggest your tag line. We will get him next time. "MiracleGro, enhancing your Matrix one plant at a time." Sounds cool.

    I guess your word "solutions" is telling people they have a problem, even if they don't know it yet.

    Selling 101 teaches us not to be critical of a potential clients current supplier. If you trash them you are telling the client they made a bad decision. Selling solutions unsolicited probably isn't wise either in advertising.

  6. I detest "solutions" mainly because it's a big, empty word. A pen is a writing solution, a kleenex is a runny nose solution. When clients ask us to include "solution" in a piece, it's usually because they want a generic word that they think will hoodwink customers into believing they're getting something extra special.

    But benefits--concrete, definable benefits--are what win customers, in the end.

  7. I think a whole book could be written on what you just said.
    Get working on it.