May 9, 2009

Will you hate me if I call this post "The President cuts the mustard"?

As a Canadian, I'm always a little surprised by the American tendency of turning politics into an episode of Entertainment Tonight. Maybe it's because our own politicians are so stuffy and straight you couldn't manufacture a political news story interesting enough to beat out boob jobs and wardrobe malfunctions, let alone what Nickelback bought at Zellers last Friday.


Seems President Obama is being called "snotty" by Fox News' Sean Hannity for requesting Grey Poupon dijon mustard on his burger. Now, I'm no dijon fan (it's a little too suck-in-your-cheeks me), but I'm pretty sure condiments expand just a little beyond ketchup, mustard and relish.

But the Spin Doctors have been spun.

My question is, however: Just who do the spin doctors think will be offended? Grey Poupon is made by Kraft, an all-American company. It can be found on just about every grocery-store shelf in the nation. Sure, it's not a staple at McDonald's, but I'm pretty positive most non-fast-food burger joints have a jar hanging around somewhere. So just who is going to get up in arms about President Obama requesting a little zing on his patty? Isn't America supposed to be about having a million choices at your fingertips, an aisle-full of condiment options to choose from?

From up here, it's like watching a bunch of oxymorons. We're free, but you'd better toe the line. We've got choice, but you'd better make the right one. We're about honesty and openness, but you'd best stick to the script.

Then again, it would be nice to turn on the news at 6 to learn Stephen Harper had a wardrobe malfunction. But, please, just a small one.

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