May 8, 2009

Breaking news!

This just in:

Client requests DM piece with NO LOGO and NO COMPANY NAME. You heard right--they don't want to include any of their details in the piece, anywhere. They don't even want us to use their corporate colours.

They think it creates intrigue. I think it's like a joke without a punch line.

Next up: Pigs take wing!


  1. Oy. It's like the advertising version of the Witness Protection Program. Could you at least convince them to split the brown-paper-bag sample against something with a logo on it? I'm always baffled why people don't do more testing.

  2. They seem to think including any identifying factors will turn clients off. Which, to me, seems like they may have a much bigger problem...

    I mean, even those brown-envelope DMs reveal themselves inside. You've got to give clients a little reassurance that the piece isn't coming from some long-lost Nigerian prince...

  3. I have seen billboards using same tactic. "Something new is coming to town" next one "Ooo...almost here" final months later "(insert name)Reality. Call us blah blah." Choke.

    I am way to A.D.D. for that type of intrigue. I have a neighbourhood mailbox and when i open it up and its full of ad'ish type of material I restuff into the top.

    You should show us the final copy as we will never who the client is, as to their wishes I guess.

  4. I think they expect that people will call/visit their site and all will be revealed. But how many potential customers are lost playing a silly hide-and-seek game like that?

    Advertising should be honest. And clients shouldn't be ashamed about their company.